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What Was Your Sex Education Like?

From Alabama to Australia, we want to know what kind of sex ed you got in school.

Sex education programs vary a lot — from public to private schools, secular or religious, within the US and around the world.

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Maybe your sex ed classes focused on promoting abstinence only until marriage.

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Maybe you learned about ways to prevent pregnancy and STIs...

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... and about the importance of consent.

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Maybe you didn't see yourself reflected in the sex ed curriculum — and left without important information you needed.

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Maybe your school's sex education stopped with basic anatomy lessons — or was totally non-existent.

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We want to know what you learned — or didn't learn — in sex ed.

You can submit your response (anonymously if you’d like) in the form below. You can also view the form here, which might be easier on mobile. Feel free to include as few or as many details as you’d like.