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Viral "Run The World" Dance Video Gets Slammed For Cultural Appropriation

Sure, Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala can really dance. But there's something problematic about their outfits.

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On Monday, the YouTube sensations dropped a new video set to Beyoncé's "Run the World." In it, the two girls disrupt an office, showing off their killer moves, literally traipsing across grown men at one point.


Although a slew of websites have praised Thompson and Hatala for their moves — Minzy of 2NE1 even shared their viral video, now with more than 1 million views — Phil Yu, who runs Angry Asian Man, slammed the video and the "white girls playing Asian dress-up."

"I get it. This is the part where they drop the K-pop track... so naturally, you have to throw in all this random Asian shit. Or rather, someone's ridiculous, lazy approximation of Asian-ness," he wrote. "What, no pandas? How about a friggin' samurai sword? The thing is, all of this seems completely unnecessary."

Some viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions.

@larsenthompson I know that you're young, and you're still learning. But your "Run the World" video is complete cultural appropriation.

Please remove this gross display of cultural (MIS)appropriation. Who run the world? White girls? @billboard


Some are torn.

When you're torn cause a video is #fierce, but also cultural appropriation and overall ignorant. #RunTheWorld #2NE1

Janelle Ginestra, who choreographed the routine, has responded to critics regarding the dancers' wardrobe.

In regards to the outfit choice for Taylor and Larsen's new video.

"I truly knew what choice I made and knew I Was taking a risk, but wouldn't think that people would be so viciously angry and aggressive about two young girls — dressing up in mock Geisha outfits," Ginestra wrote.

If you want to, watch the video here.

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