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This Is What Vacationing With Your Chinese Family Is Like

Please, Mom. No more photos!

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1. Your mom won't let you leave the house without a jacket.

Just Kidding Films / Via

Even though it's 90 degrees out.

2. But she also carries an umbrella to shield herself from the sun.

Where's the logic in that?!
Susan Cheng

Where's the logic in that?!

3. Every piece of greenery and nature is a Kodak moment for your mom.

"Here! This shrub looks cool."

4. You have more pictures with buildings than you know what to do with.

Bonus points if you also happen to be standing next to some majestic steps.

5. Don't even get us started on statues.

Your family doesn't mess around when it comes to statues.

6. Fighting for a spot in front of a scenic view is like being in the Hunger Games.


There can only be one winner.

7. At times, your mom acts more like the paps than kin.

8. Similarly, your parents' photography game is next level.

(It's all in the knees.)

9. Even your grandma is always strapped.

And ready to fire at any moment.

10. Sometimes your mom breaks out the selfie stick.

...which is less embarrassing than asking every passerby to take your photo.

11. Your dad and/or grandpa is sporting this iconic hat.

Or some variation of it.
Xixinxing / Getty Images

Or some variation of it.

12. ...along with this handy travel essential.

MTV / Via

It's filled with everything you could ever need.

13. Like raisins.

In case you need a snack. For some reason, grandparents love to pack healthy snacks like raisins and nuts.

14. And Tiger Balm.

That shit can cure ANYTHING.

15. Sometimes there would even be homemade pork sung sandwiches.


16. Yet, for whatever reason, your parents still pack enough food to survive an apocalypse.

Better to be safe than hungry, amirite?
AliExpress / Via

Better to be safe than hungry, amirite?

17. You're never afraid of running out of napkins.

Because the glove compartment of your parents' car is a hoarder's paradise.

18. They also have you lugging around a load of water.


19. And a thermos filled with hot water.

...even if it's scorching out.

20. For dinner, you and your family always end up in Chinatown or at a Chinese restaurant.

Always and without fail.

21. But as much as your family might annoy you...

Eddie Huang is all of us.
ABC / Via

Eddie Huang is all of us.

22. You end up having a pretty good time. / Via


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