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    21 Things Anyone Who Went To Chinese School Will Understand


    1. You had to wake up early on Saturdays.

    2. You could never hang out with friends on Saturdays.

    Saturdays were dedicated to mastering Chinese. Explaining that to your friends was a whole other ordeal.

    3. "Don't you already know Chinese?" was a question you got asked one too many times.

    4. You did most, if not all, of your homework on the drive to school.

    5. That's also when you did all the cramming for those weekly quizzes.

    6. In the end, you'd give up and make a little cheat sheet on your arms.

    7. Try as you might, you usually ended up failing anyway.

    8. "Learning Chinese" actually meant staring at the clock and waiting for that 10-minute break.

    9. All of your notes from class looked like this.

    10. You did, however, become a doodling pro.

    11. After class, it always took your parents forever to pick you up.

    12. You dreaded whenever your family would ask you what you learned that day.

    13. These books ruined your lives...


    14. Essay writing was the bane of your existence.

    15. Because it's not like you didn't already have a ton of homework from regular school.

    16. Every year, you also had to put on a performance for the Spring Festival concert.

    17. But as much as you hated Chinese school...

    Knowing Chinese HAS been pretty useful.

    18. And you did make some pretty awesome friends through Chinese school.

    19. It also brought you closer to your siblings.

    20. You got to show off your Chinese to visiting relatives.

    21. And more than anything, it helped you connect with your parents.