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    13 Signs You've Become Addicted To Netflix

    You get stressed out when you see that Netflix has just launched, like, 35 new series in the last half hour.

    1. You realize that you've started watching more shows than you can handle and now you have to choose which ones to finish.

    2. That's why you feel a bit stressed out whenever you see that Netflix has just released, like, 35 new series in the last half hour.

    3. Even though some of them are ones that the critics don't like, but which are like a soft blanket that always warms your heart.

    4. Deep down you know that there are a few of them that you only keep watching because everybody else keeps talking about them, but TBH you'd rather be watching something else.

    5. And sometimes, after watching one of the more ~highbrow~ series, you secretly feel smarter.

    6. When you discover that someone enjoys the same obscure series you love, it's a bit like finding a soul mate.

    7. You always feel a bit ticked off when you decide to look at your phone during a particularly boring episode and bang, they play the most important scene.

    8. You've already played imaginary matchmaker for characters from different series, and you love it when the actors of your favorite characters "meet" in another series.

    9. And you've stocked up on series to watch during the waiting periods between seasons of your favorites.

    10. You join Facebook groups just so you can talk about your shows as much as you want to without anyone asking you to change the subject.

    11. The possibility of a writers' strike made you a bit panicky.

    12. You have conflicting feelings about those series that only put out one episode per week.

    13. Oh, and deep down, you consider people who only know about Netflix or HBO series a bit amateur.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.