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16 Reasons Sex Gets Better After 30 (And Is The Best Part Of Getting Older)

You know that the basics done well can be better than lots of pyrotechnics.

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1. You already know what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like.

2. You probably have a better relationship with your body.

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3. And you have already proven the potential it has.

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4. You've already figured out the difference between what you see in movies and what you can expect in real life.


5. You have more realistic expectations, but that's not the same thing as low expectations.

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6. You're less afraid to tell your partner what you want and talk openly about sex.

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7. You know that the way your body looks has nothing to do with the pleasure you can feel.

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8. You're more willing to try things that you used to fear or were ashamed of.

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9. You know the time of day you prefer to have sex.

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10. You know that creating a mood doesn't need to include exotic lingerie.

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11. Lights off, lights on, lights on halfway: Each setting has its own very unique importance.

...or almost none at all.
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...or almost none at all.

12. You know how to better enjoy foreplay.

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13. You know that the basics done well can be way better than lots of pyrotechnics.


14. You stop comparing your sex life with the sex lives of others. (Or the sex lives that others say that they have.)

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15. You also care less about what anyone else will think.

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16. And you know that sex doesn't have to be taken so seriously.


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