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    Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    A Quick Update: Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Still Looking Hella Fine As Of Late

    Because we deserve SOME constants in this world.

    Without any Olympics or World Cup happenings this year, it's okay if you haven't really thought about Neymar a whole lot.

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    Beats By Dre / Via

    After captaining the Brazil national team last year in Rio, the Brazilian soccer star moved off the Barcelona team earlier this summer to join the Paris Saint-Germain team under a five-year contract. And if none of that means much to you, you might at least recognize him from that epic Beats By Dre ad for the 2014 World Cup.

    ~Anyway,~ we'd just like to pause and stan for the fact that a global superstar who once wore braces like the rest of us...

    ...has officially metamorphosed into his best, most thirst-inducing self.

    Like, he's still got the whole sweaty-soaked professional athlete thing going on...

    And we honestly wouldn't have it any other way...

    Except, I guess we're also pretty into Family Man Neymar...

    Instagram: @neymarjr

    Here he is with his sister.

    As well as Bad Boy Neymar...

    And for Halloween, he debuted THIS **gulp** look:

    And lest we forget, Suit God Neymar.

    Anyway, we just thought you should know.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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