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    14 Things About Puberty We All Had To Figure Out The Hard Way

    Teenagers were truly made to suffer.

    1. Suddenly having breasts isn't all that fun.

    2. Not every part of your body will grow at the same rate, and for a while, you're bound to feel a little weird looking.

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    But everything fits together eventually.

    3. This seems especially true for the nose and ears.

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    Perfect for inspiring totally awesome nicknames at school.

    4. For a while, it seems like the main function of your skin is just to produce as much oil as possible.

    5. And all that soft, lush childhood hair turns into a tangle of oily mess.

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    It matches your skin perfectly!

    6. The smell of your sweat changes and you fully understand why they invented deodorant.

    7. Pimples start to show up in places, shapes, and sizes that you never imagined.

    8. You discover what it feels like to truly be into someone for the first time.

    And how much it can PHYSICALLY hurt.

    9. And those same hormones also make you irritable, sending you into wild mood swings ALL THE TIME.

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    Which makes you pretty unbearable to be around for most sane adults.

    10. And even though you should expect it, since your whole body is going through changes, you can't help but be freaked out when stuff starts happening *down there.*

    11. Hair: Everyone has some, and some have TONS.

    Niantic / Divulgação

    12. You quickly discover that menstrual blood isn't exactly the same as the blood that comes out when you cut your finger.

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    Expect the unexpected!

    13. And even though you're excited about it, you recognize that being an adult seems like a huge headache.

    What's this "responsibility" everyone keeps talking about? Seems awful.

    14. Most frustrating of all, it seems like some people are spared all of this, breezing through puberty and coming out the other side totally unfazed.

    Globo / Divulgação

    Actually, it's pretty likely that they went through it just like you did, and they were probably as confused as you were.

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