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14 Secrets Pet Store Employees Will Never Tell You

The customer swears that their pet is gentle and tame, but as soon as they turn their back, it turns into a demon.

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1. One of the most difficult parts about working in a pet store is handling massive amounts of pee, poo, and vomit from a wide array of pets.

2. The worst is when a customer's dog starts peeing on everything, especially the products on sale at the store, and the staff has to go chase after it while the owner just stands there.

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3. That's why the bottom shelves, which are more prone to being peed on, have products in sealed plastic packages.

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Those products are way easier to disinfect in the event of an incident.

4. That story about dogs looking like their owners is completely TRUE.

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People who work at pet stores frequently encounter the bodybuilder with the muscular pit bull, the natural fitness nut with the lithe greyhound, the most laid-back hippies with their messy pulis, and the old dogs with their old owners who only come by the store for a chat.


5. Small dogs are often more aggressive than big ones.

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A dog's temperament is often inversely proportional to its size. For example, a Pinscher or a Yorkie may very well be more aggressive than a pit bull, despite being exponentially smaller and frailer.

6. Although people often think that a dog will do anything to avoid a bath, drying off is even worse.

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Most dogs put up with a washing, but hate to be dried off.

7. Yard dogs have more trouble sitting still.

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Dogs that live outside or that are chosen to be watchdogs are generally larger and less docile.

8. Sometimes groomers need to wear leather gloves if a pet is especially aggressive.

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In some cases, to ensure the safety of staff members, they put muzzles on the dogs when it's time to shear them, and little boots on the cats.


9. Customers always swear that their pet is gentle and tame, but as soon as they turn their back, it turns into a demon.

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Other pets are the opposite and only calm down when they're away from their owners.

10. If you want to drive a pet store employee crazy, call on a Friday or Saturday and insist that you need to schedule a grooming appointment for later that same day.

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Those are by far the busiest days.

11. Some people almost get sick when they see their pets get an injection or a veterinary examination and need to be comforted more than the pets themselves.

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13. Some people work with pets while studying at college or while they're looking for other work. But not always! It can also be a great career and a lifetime plan.

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14. If you want to work as a pet groomer, there are plenty of disciplines to master. From the most basic, like bathing and shearing, to the most complex, like grooming.

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It's like being a hairstylist for dogs, and the most talented pet groomers even participate in competitions.