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Everybody Who's Had Sex With A Penis Will Recognize These 14 Facial Expressions

Ah, yes, the "please-don't-get-it-in-my-eye" face.

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1. When they first take off their pants:

Band / MasterChef / Via

2. When you're giving them head, and they ask how you learned to do that so well:

Globo / Via Twitter: @tvnofuturo

3. When you let them finish on your face, but you also kind of don't want to get it in your eyes:

Island Records / Via

4. When they've been going down on you for two minutes, and then ask if you've climaxed yet:


5. When they're trying, really trying, but just can't seem to find your clitoris:

6. And then when they finally hunt it down:

Lady Gaga / Giphy / Via

7. When you get on top but forgot to tie your hair back:

AdeleVEVO / Via

8. When they start pulling moves that are clearly inspired by a porno:


9. When you start thinking that it would have been better to just get a solid eight hours of sleep instead:


10. When you're not sure if they climaxed already, or if they're just suuuuper into it:


11. When you feel a cramp coming on:

12. When they finish before you:


13. ...versus when you finish before them:

14. And finally, the next day, when you think back to that night and how it was totally worth it:


This post was translated from Portuguese.

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