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16 Reasons Poodles Are The Best Dogs

Happiness can be furry.

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It's true, they are famous for being pampered.

Instagram: @stevenpoodle

And, sure, they don't have the best reputation in regards to barking.

But have you ever noticed how huggable they are?

Instagram: @susanacristalli

And they get along well with other animals.

There is practically no difference between a poodle and his blanket.

Instagram: @julianamiyahara

They ARE LIVING blankets.

You do not know what life is until you see a wet poodle.

Instagram: @yorkiepoo_ellie

Notice how he tries to maintain his dignity.


They don't mind working late.

Instagram: @doodlejasper

What an exhausting day at the home office.

And they tend to choose very interesting places to take naps.

Instagram: @tobias_cao

Thus contributing to the home decor.

They've also got great ~aesthetics~.

Instagram: @luizfelipeads

Which makes for some stunning, artistic portraits.


They can be punks.

Instagram: @ccs1604

Very rebellious.

They're able to pull off a lot of different looks.

Instagram: @sofyhm

Including "frog."

Or even Princess Leia.

Instagram: @happynimo

They'll steal the spotlight at the cosplay convention.

And clearly poodles are great listeners.

Instagram: @pamthepoodle

"Tell me more about it, human."


This poodle doesn't need two eyes to be happy.

Instagram: @yourone_eyedbuddy

Or to be cute.

They'll fit in perfectly in your home.

Instagram: @cacau_rubira

And I mean anywhere in your home.

All while maintaining a sense of elegance.

Instagram: @q_the_spoo