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13 Things Everyone Has Said When They Went Back To The Gym

What you say: "Yeah, I'm ready for another set of squats." What you mean: "Just kill me now."

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4. "Is everyone silently judging me for taking supplements?"

Twitter: @Chuck_NZ

"As long as I'm confident and act like I belong, nobody will realize I haven't stepped foot inside this place in months, right?"

5. "Hang on, am i doing this right, or did I just invent a whole new type of exercise?"

Twitter: @ana_cronico1

"Arms up and back, legs down and under, breathe deep, ignore the popping sounds... this doesn't seem like it's anything."


9. "You know what? I'm actually gonna go with some lighter weights. I don't want to get too big."

Baytunc / Getty Images

And... now that nobody's looking, I'll reduce the weight a little more.

12. "Should I lug all this crap to the gym and shower there, or stop by my place afterwards and end up being late?"

Rudigobbo / Getty Images

Jokes on you, because you're going to be late to work either way.


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