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    14 Female Cosplayers Talk About The Most Sexist Things They've Had Said To Them

    "You're too fat for this cosplay."

    Earlier this month, BuzzFeed Brazil went to CCXP — Brazil's version of Comic-Con — where fans of comics, TV series, gaming, and fantasy novels gathered in São Paulo to hang out and cosplay, of course. We asked women who dressed up as their favorite characters about the most sexist reactions people had to their costume, and here's what they said.

    1. "He didn't even take a picture of my face."

    2. "Is this a trap? Because my dick is confused!"

    3. "Let me put my hand on your ass."

    4. "You're too fat for this cosplay."

    5. "Some stranger whispered in my ear, 'Fuck, you're smokin' in that cosplay.'"

    6. "You like DC? Name the heroes!"

    7. "For you two, I'd become Batman."

    8. "But you're a woman. You CAN'T be a male character!"

    9. "Women don't get anime."

    10. "I chose this cosplay because it doesn't show off my body, but guys still bother me anyways."

    11. "Only girls with big boobs do cosplay!"

    12. "They think that I don't even know my character."

    13. "Those look like hooker clothes to me."

    14. "They called me coswhore;"

    Ladies, what's the most sexist comment you've heard while cosplaying? Leave your story in the comments below!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.