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11 Gravity-Defying Photos Of Pole Dancing That Will Change Your Basic Understanding Of Physics


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1. Pole dancing is more than a super-strenuous sport — there's also clearly some kind of secret magic involved.

Instagram: @eu_daimartins

2. How else do you explain this perplexing plank?

Instagram: @ericooliveiraofficial

5. Clearly, the laws of physics just don't apply...

Instagram: @rafamelops

6. Or maybe someone turned them off.

Instagram: @thg

7. Because this just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Instagram: @issaozera

8. I need so, so many explanations.

Instagram: @fefavalentim

10. Because I think the gravity broke.

Instagram: @juliopeixotto

11. And TBH, I'm kind of scared.

Instagram: @poledancerbr


This post was translated from Portuguese.