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Jeremy Piven's Hairline Timeline

According to Huffington Post Jeremy Piven has a new love interest: 22 year-old Katja Decker Sadowski. Ms. Sadowski was previously engaged to some person on some show called The Hills... wasn't that about Hillbillies who became suddenly rich or something? In any case what better time to look back at Jeremy Piven's Hairline: The Early Years.

  • Age 3

    Even now there seems to be some evidence of baldness beginning.

  • Yearbook

    Though this may be a Fred Savage wig from Halloween... it could be evidence that Piven, at one time had hair... of his own.

  • Dog Police (1990)

    Unaired Pilot also starring Adam Sandler

  • Singles (1992)

  • Seinfeld "The Pilot" (1993)

  • PCU (1994)

  • Ellen (1997-ish)

  • Cupid (1998)

  • Larry Sanders (1998-approx)

  • Rush Hour 2 [out-take] (2001)

  • Highway (2002)

  • Celebrity Deathmatch (2003-ish)

    We begin to see the side effects from some early hormonal experiments. Extra chest hair the result.

  • Currently

    A more direct approach seems to have given Piven (ha ha... given piven) the boost he needed.

  • Also thanks to a:

    And thank you for watching Jeremy Piven's Hairline: The Early Years

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