• Age 3

    Even now there seems to be some evidence of baldness beginning.

  • Yearbook

    Though this may be a Fred Savage wig from Halloween… it could be evidence that Piven, at one time had hair… of his own.

  • Dog Police (1990)

    Unaired Pilot also starring Adam Sandler

  • Singles (1992)

  • Seinfeld “The Pilot” (1993)

  • PCU (1994)

  • Ellen (1997-ish)

  • Cupid (1998)

  • Larry Sanders (1998-approx)

  • Rush Hour 2 [out-take] (2001)

  • Highway (2002)

  • Celebrity Deathmatch (2003-ish)

    We begin to see the side effects from some early hormonal experiments. Extra chest hair the result.

  • Currently

    A more direct approach seems to have given Piven (ha ha… given piven) the boost he needed.

  • Also thanks to a:

    And thank you for watching Jeremy Piven’s Hairline: The Early Years