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What It's Like Working Out At My University's Gym

A University's gym is like a whole other world.

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I have officially decided to start my new health kick.

I strut in the gym, ready to work up a sweat.

I walk past the group classes to see if they look interesting.

They don't...

I make my way into the main room trying to find a machine to use.

Then I spot one!! THE. LAST. ELLIPTICAL!

Next to me I have a girl on a treadmill who still looks flawless on mile six.

I try lifting some weights...and get bored way too quickly.

I quickly walk by all the bros trying to show off with how much weight they can lift.

Not impressed.

I epically fail trying to use a new machine by a cute guy to impress him.

Then there are the girls who are WAYYY too overdressed for the gym.

I see that one girl at the gym.

And I am just like, 'Why can't I be like that?!'

Time to stretch. Something I know I am good at.

Finally, I am done and it is time to get out of here.

The next day...

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