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Can Kings Of Flow Conquer The Latin Charts?

You have to be a glass half-full kind of guy to write lyrics like "Seguire Esperando" and "Lo que seria and what of time" while collecting unemployment. It takes a different level of optimism to write those songs when your car has been repo'd and you're dodging eviction notices. But such is World/Reggea/Latin/Urban Songwriter/Kings of Flow lead singer Carlos (The Flow) Talavera's in the power of "Flow." Does it work? Consider this: "Libertad," which The Flow wrote amid personal crisis,is now the title track of his award-winning recording debut as part of "Kings of Flow" "The premise behind everything i do is NOT only to make people dance,but to empower and encourage,"says The Flow. "There's a lot of job loss and people losing their homes and hope,and dreams right now. It's important to have a message of empowerment out there . Specially within my LATIN community out there: the message that people must speak positively that they create their world by what they say"

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