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      Let me increase your knowledge
      Originally writer A.A Mine (British) wrote his character story book in 1926.
      In 1930 , Stephen Slesinger (American) first produced his character on air and he is also the one who made First Winnie with red shirt.
      Later sold licence of producing animated series to Disney in 1961.
      In Russia first ever Wiinnie was produced in 1969 And just for the record from my own personal observation, the Original stuff toy bear owned by (Cristopher) son of Milne A.A Milnie was in nice light brown color, not dirty scary dark brown. The stuff toy was cute and attractive to give impression of love and peace to kids, not anything ugly and scary with long nails…. End of the story Now if you say a real life bear is also scary and dark brown then its again like you are saying your china copy mobile have dual sim options so its better than original….

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