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    • sunnyc42203a550

      A modern pakistan needs different level of socialization and share mutual interests with open hearts rather than keeping the class difference. The new Pakistan needs to erase the class difference of elite class vs middle class instead of Pakistan’s (bigger cities like lahore, karachi and islamabad’s) high class burger society living in their shells and not entertaining people who don’t match their social status. These people must be taught that keeping class difference with middle class people portrays them as COMPLETE IDIOTS and LOOSER rather than some cool dudes. So they need some proper counseling over the matter that if middle class people are trying to gel-in with you guys then that doesn’t mean they are not socially and ethically respectful. A vast majority of middle class people are more intellectual and talented than you guys are; but the only difference is the “MONEY MATTER” and “SOCIAL CONTACTS”. In modern pakistan I want to see such communities, counseling sessions and forums building up who can teach these aristocrats to be friendly with people outside their circle and consider them HUMANS.

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