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    20 Different YOLO-stragrams

    These people felt that their filtered square phone pictures were true examples of the motto YOLO: You Only Live Once. What do you think?

    1. Being Chris Paul and getting to meet Spongebob

    2. Planking in the middle of the road.

    3. Bending over backwards

    4. Burying dad in the sand

    5. Play-fighting

    6. Wearing a blue starred jacket with tails

    7. Being this guy

    8. Wearing a little doggie t-shirt

    9. Spelling out YOLO with sparklers

    10. Grabbing her boobs

    11. Wearing dude-liner

    12. Whipping your head out of the pool

    13. Being Carlton

    14. Making your head a cat head

    15. Eating fro-yo

    16. Falling off a horse

    17. Wearing YOLO booty shorts

    18. Dressing up as George Washington

    19. You're still planking?

    20. Having the cutest face