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What Being Homeschooled Is Actually Like

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.” -George Whitman

Everyone thinks they know what homeschooling is like.

And it can be really hard to explain why their assumptions are wrong.

People think your parents are like...

When really, your relationship with them is just extra-awesome!

People think that all homeschool classrooms look like...

When really, you can (and do) learn everywhere!

People think your social life looks like...

But really you're like...

And is the socialization at public school really that awesome?

People think homeschoolers date like...

But in real life, lots of homeschooler couples are happy being different... together.

People think your parents teach you EVERYTHING...

When really, you can learn on your own...

Many older homeschoolers take supplemental classes at a community college.

You even have the freedom to take on an apprenticeship, volunteer positions, or a job.

Yes, homeschoolers are sometimes a little "different."

But we are also totally awesome.

And as he points out, it's awesome how flexible your schedule is...

Also, homeschooling prepares you for real life (because you're in it!)

But some people are convinced that homeschooling is SO weird, no matter what you say.

Even when faced with the numbers.

Sometimes you end up saying things you don't even mean in order to get someone to understand.

But let's face it: school is hardly perfect either.

There isn't one education solution for everyone, but everyone CAN learn something from homeschooling: