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This 86-Year-Old Man Lives On His Own Island With 120 Tortoises

Brendon Grimshaw bought this island for $20,000 in 1964. He lives alone on the island with tortoises he reintroduced to his private island in the Seychelles. Also, he is hilarious and seems very happy.

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Here's an amazing trailer for a documentary about Brendan's life and island

For only $3 you can watch the documentary in it's entirety online.

And an adventure with Simon Reeve of the BBC

View this video on YouTube


Brendan was offered 45 million dollars for the island a few years ago and he turned it down. His wish was that his island and tortoise sanctuary be turned into a completely public park for anyone to enjoy, which the Seychelles government has agreed to after watching his story. Sorry, I think I have something in my eye.

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