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The Most Stylish Poodle Brothers In Japan Are Here To Make You Happy

Prepare your heart parts for Maron and Fleur.

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Maybe you need a reminder that the world is a lovely place?

A place where magical forces collide to make you feel good when you need it most?

A place full of fluffy doggies wearing clothes?

It's true: the world is wonderful, and Maron and Fleur are proof.

These two poodles live in Japan and they wear clothes every day.

These are real faces, and they want you to smile.

They like wearing sweaters.

This is what they wore for Halloween.

Maron looks dashing in blue.

Fleur is particularly proud of his "legwarmers."

If you can stay down while staring into this face, you're probably a robot.

These two are living every day to its fullest.

Take this as a sign to let your personal style shine.

Fleur and Maron believe that everyone can be as happy as they are, wearing clothes and being dogs.

Happiness is just a click away.

Maron and Fleur want to remind you that life is best when you're with the ones you love.

And with dogs wearing clothes, obviously.

H/T: Instagram's Weekly Fluff

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