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    Street Sculpture Inspired By Geodes

    This rocks: Artist Julian Paige Smith of A Common Name has planted these faux-geological treasures all over Los Angeles.

    I love this project. It reminds me of the unbroken geodes my mom used to buy for me at The Nature Company, and the excitement of smashing one apart. I always thought I might find diamonds inside, betraying an incomplete understanding of what a geode is, but still among the most exciting small adventures of my childhood.

    Smith makes these out of intricately folded and painted paper and says that she appreciates that they will not last forever. If you're in Los Angeles, you can use the map she's posted to go exploring. Some people will just walk by these amazing installations without batting a lash, but those who go looking for beauty will be drawn to these small, magical mysteries: a shiny reward for keeping your eyes wide.