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14 Real Short Stories That Prove The Power Of Love And Generosity

October 23rd is the 10th anniversary of the nonprofit Storycorps program, and they have a new book called Ties That Bind: Stories of Love and Gratitude From the First Ten Years of StoryCorps. Here are 14 real human stories that will touch your heart.

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"I have a way of making it now."

Gus Hernandez (R) talks about how he met Siddiqi Hansoti (L), owner of the El Dorado Motel in Salinas, CA, after losing his house to foreclosure.

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"I looked her over and said to myself 'gee, what a funny looking broad.'"

Seymour Gottlieb, who has Alzheimer's disease, and his wife, Marcia, talk about their 60-year relationship.

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"I wanted to do something good in my life for the first time."

Rob Sanchez (R) and his friend Felix Aponte (L), who both served time at Sing Sing Penitentiary, talk about Rob's diagnosis with an aggressive form of kidney disease.

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"I've never seen you turn anybody away."

Paul Crowley (L) talks with his friend and fellow veteran Anthony Bravo Esparza (R), who calls himself "Dreamer," about the free haircuts he gives in a VA Hospital parking lot.

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"I'm it for you, and you're it for me."

Sonya Baker talks to her husband, Michael Fazio.

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"A lot of what I've been able to do nowadays is thanks to your care."

Marcela Gaviria speaks with Dr. Dempsey Springfield, who has been her surgeon for more than 30 years.

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"This has been the real miracle of our relationship."

Winslow Jackson and his wife, Dorothy, who both are living with multiple sclerosis, remember how they met.

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"I put an ad in the local paper and offered to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people."

Scott Macaulay remembers how, 25 years ago, he started an annual holiday dinner for strangers who have nowhere else to go.

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"It was the most beautiful moment I had ever experienced."

Bryan Wilmoth tells his younger brother, Michael, about being kicked out of the house because he is gay.

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"I came into the topless bar that you were bouncing..."

Biologists Susan and Philip McClinton talk about the unlikely beginning of their romance.

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"You're part of our family now."

Army National Guard Capt. Zachariah Fike speaks with Adeline Rockko about returning her brother's lost Purple Heart medal.

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"Her last years with you were probably the happiest in her life."

Best friends Denny Daniels (R) and Larry Rolf (L), who were married to the same woman at different times, talk about how their unlikely friendship began.

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"I loved you more than myself."

Steven Wells tells his daughter, Jennifer, how it felt to become a dad.

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"You were not that 16-year-old, you were a grown man."

Mary Johnson speaks with Oshea Israel, who killed her son in 1993.

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