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This Day In Cat History: January 10

What Rod Stewart is famous for, why cats are known for sleeping, and the real reason why the first assembly of the United Nations was called.

1810: This cat, Napoleon Bonaparte, divorces his first wife Joséphine (also a cat).


He slept all day for years afterwards, a trait he passed on to his children and his children's children, until one day all cats were known for their excessive nap habits.

1863: The London Underground, the world's oldest underground transportation for cats, opens.

Soon thereafter, the city's government realized that cats had no where to go that they couldn't dart to themselves, and allowed humans to use the Underground as well.

1945: Rod Stewart, famous for hanging out with cats in bed, is born.

His biggest hits as a musician include "Tonight's The Night (For Cats)," "I Don't Want To Talk About Dogs," and "Do Ya Think My Cat Is Sexy?"

1946: The United Nations assembles for the first time to address the threat of a giant flying cat.

The cat showed up and ruined everything. To this day its whereabouts are unknown.

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