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Artists Brings Your Favorite Characters To The Neighbourhood Watch

Andrew Lamb kept coming across these street signs in Toronto that had faded, leaving a "perfect blank framed canvas." He decided to start making them awesome.

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Andrew Lamb started this charmingly simple street art project in the summer of 2012, drawing on characters from his childhood — "superheroes, crime fights, or just all around do-gooders." He told BuzzFeed "I like to think of it as a public fountain of youth that pushes you into childhood memories and nostalgia which in turn, hopefully makes people happy."

1. The Goonies are looking out for you.

2. Marge Gunderson has your back.

4. Inspector Gadget patrols the streets.

5. Hey hey hey, Fat Albert will protect you!

6. Cliff Huxtable will keep the baddies away.

7. Bruce Lee has got this neighbourhood on lockdown.

8. She-ra is here to make sure things stay safe.

9. No one is going to mess with Mr. Rogers.

10. No one is getting past He-Man.

11. Lt. Frank Drebin is watching.

13. Mulder AND Scully? Nothing is getting past them.

14. Raccoon Mario, obviously the toughest Mario.

15. I call the Pink Ranger for my house.

17. (MOVIE) Buffy will put a stake in the heart of the bad guys.

19. The Hardy Boys will be investigating any suspicious activities.

22. Captain Planet, he's a hero!

23. Watch out for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, villains.

25. Holy vigilantism, Batman!