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The 21 Most Creative Instagram Accounts Of 2013

Follow all of these amazing artists for daily inspiration and magic. Technology is cool sometimes.

21. Junanto Herdiawan

Flying man in Jakarta, Indonesia.

20. Nunoassis

An architect living in Macau, China, and playing with geometric filters.

19. Lucía Muñiz Fernández

Spanish photographer working in Madrid and producing '60s-inspired fashion portraits.

18. Dilok Lak

Illustrator and collage artist living in Bangkok, Thailand.

17. Payphones

Dan Marker-Moore is documenting the dying beauty of the public pay phone.

16. June J

Seoul resident June YunJung John's breathtaking iPhone-edited nature+human photographs.

15. Rubble and Rock (Angela)

Angela in Brooklyn describes herself as a "part-time fruit surgeon."

14. Simone Bramante

Magical photographs from Italy.

13. Find Momo (Andrew Knapp)

Andrew Knapp and his border collie Momo, currently in Northern Ontario. Can you find Momo?

12. Nick Gentry

London-based artist who uses "obsolete media" in his haunting creations.

11. Alex Solis

Chicago-based Threadless illustrator Alex Solis whimsically combines drawings and real photos.

10. Basma Amin

Saudi Arabian illustrator of quirky charming characters.

9. Maddie and Theron

Theron Humphrey likes: traveling the country, meeting people, and his dog Maddie. His Instagram combines all of the above.

8. "Red" Hong Yi

"Likes to paint... but not with a paintbrush." Artist and architect working in Malaysia and Shanghai.

7. Alexis Diaz

Breathtaking art from Puerto Rico.

6. Darryll Jones

U.K.-based photographer Darryll Jones photographs his favorite toys in natural habitats.

5. Kerstin Hiestermann

Delightful drawings and collages from Germany.

4. Ida Frosk

Ida Skivenes from Norway likes to play with her food and eat it too.

3. Murad Osmann

Photographer Murad Osmann follows his girlfriend, model Natalia Zakharova, all over the world.

2. Emily Blincoe

Austin Texas's Emily Blincoe likes neatly organized colors, interesting collections, and thoughtful portraits.

1. Rachel Ryle