Shooting Near Brookfield, Wisconsin Mall, At Least Seven Injured [Updated]

A shooting at Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, Wisconsin has been described as a “mass casualty” situation. Update: At least three people are dead, and the suspected shooter, Radcliffe Haughton, has been found, dead from what police believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

2. What we know at 2 PM, ET

Brookfield police have confirmed that multiple people have been shot near Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, Wisconsin, but there are no details yet about the location or status of the shooter. Multiple ambulances are at the scene and police are grouped in front of the Azana salon near the mall, where victims were seen emerging with gunshot wounds.

The police scanner indicates that the shooter may have been dressed in military fatigues and may have already fled from the scene in a black Mazda, but those details are unconfirmed.

Christopher Pfeiffer, 47, of Brookfield, said he pulled into the Barnes & Noble parking lot at the square and saw a young girl running. “She was screaming, yelling, crying hysterical. She was pleading for help. She kept saying, ‘My mother was shot.’ And she mentioned that there was a gunman. She ran into the bookstore and I followed her. But I watched her from afar.”

CNN reports that hospital spokeswoman Nalissa Wienke says all four people in the emergency room appear to have non-critical injuries. She could not say whether the injuries were due to gunshots. Reportedly, another three victims are on their way to the hospital.

Brookfield is located 30 miles of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where a shooting at a Sikh temple happened two months ago.

Brookfield WI - Request bomb sweep of building. FBI o/s. PD attempting to secure lz for air ambulance— Dispatch Demon

Yikes, Brookfield, WI still scene active, shooter at large and media broadcasting live. -— Dispatch Demon

Brookfield WI - Shooting update - 7 transported to Froedtert Hospital, 4 not critical, 3 still enroute.

— Dispatch Demon (@DispatchDemon)

Brookfield WI - Shooting update - 7 transported to Froedtert Hospital, 4 not critical, 3 still enroute.— Dispatch Demon

7. The scene outside the mall

10. Update: 2:10 PM

The suspect seems to be at large and is being sought by police in the area. Newsradio WTMJ reports that authorities are searching for a 6’1”, 270 lb. African-American with a bald head and brown eyes. He was reportedly driving a black 2003 Mazda. Authorities believe he may be from Brown Deer.

RT @AMarieR5: #BrookfieldShooting suspect vehicle (according to scanner traffic) 2003 Mazda Protege - Black WI plate 171-KZD #crime

— Matt Soleyn (@MattSoleyn)

RT @AMarieR5: #BrookfieldShooting suspect vehicle (according to scanner traffic) 2003 Mazda Protege - Black WI plate 171-KZD #crime— Matt Soleyn

12. Update, 2:20 PM

Although the shooting was initially reported at the Brookfield Square Mall, it appears that the victims emerged from the nearby Azana Salon & Spa across the street from the mall itself.

13. Update, 2:30 PM

The JS Online reports

David Gosh of West Allis, his father John, and a friend, Ben Luedke, were returning from duck hunting when they saw a woman run out into Moorland Road screaming into traffic.

“She ran right out into the street was pounding on cars,” Gosh said.

A short time later, Gosh said, a large African-American man with a handgun ran out and appeared to be chasing the girl. However, at that moment, police started showing up and when the gunman saw them, he ran back into the building - or perhaps into the woods behind the building, where Westmoor Country Club is located.

“He was the shooter,” Gosh said. “He was looking for an escape route.”

Gosh and his father were fairly certain he returned to the building because they thought they saw him appear at an upstairs window and pull a shade down. However, scanner traffic indicated he may have left in a black 2003 Mazda. He reportedly was dressed in military fatigues.

Gosh’s father, John, saw two women come out of the building who had been shot. They were bloody, he said; one appeared to be shot in the leg and the other appeared to have been shot in the back.

Police officers told Gosh that at least eight people had been shot.

14. Update, 3:10 PM:

The suspect has been identified by a local NBC affiliate as Radcliff Haughton, a 45 year old man, and the shooting is thought to involve a domestic dispute that a judge intervened in very recently. His estranged wife works at Azana, and there are reports that Haughton may have recently slashed her tires at the salon’s parking lot recently.

There are also (unconfirmed) reports that one of the people shot was a pregnant woman.

Staff outside the Azana Salon and Spa after the incident.

16. Update, 3:20 PM

On LinkedIn: a Radcliffe Haughton living in the “great Milwaukee area,” whose occupation is listed as “Owner, Haughton International Corporations.” Haughton International Corporations returns no Google results other than the LinkedIn profile.

[We have no way of knowing whether this is actually the same person who is being identified as the shooting suspect.]

17. Update, 3:57 PM

This photo of the suspected shooter has been released by police in Brookfield.

19. Update, 6:15 PM

According to the AP, the suspect Radcliffe Haughton is dead. Brookfield Police Department Chief Daniel Tushaus said police believe that Haughton died of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

This appears to be the suspect’s Google Plus profile.

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