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9 Cards You'll Actually Want To Send Your Dad For Father's Day

For your dad(dy figure), the generic Father's Day card you can buy at the mall just isn't gonna cut it. We got you.

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Your dad may be cool, but we promise he's not too cool to appreciate a little more effort than a text message this Father's Day. For $5, you can pick one of these actually funny cards, and we'll mail it to him for you with a personalized message written by a dope handwriting robot(!)

PS BuzzFeed gets a cut if you send one of these cards!

1. Send this card to someone whose positive example of masculinity once caused you to whisper, "Not all dads."

Shayna Brewer / BuzzFeed

2. Send this card to your dad who's tough but not so tough that he won't squeal just a little at the image of a bulldog puppy in a leather jacket.

Will Smith / BuzzFeed

3. Send this card to the dad who's always got that slang almost right.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

4. Send this card to the dad who's always practiced the latest dance moves just in time to embarrass you in front of your friends.

Lyla Ribot / BuzzFeed

5. Send this card to the dad who turned out to be right about everything.

Stephen Jablonski / BuzzFeed

6. Send this card to your dad who has gotten VERY excited about all of the things his iPhone can do.

Stephen Jablonski / BuzzFeed

7. Send this card to a dad who's as cool as Bill Murray. (Damn, that's a cool dad...)

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

8. Send this card to your daddy. ;)

Kevin Valente / BuzzFeed

9. And send this card to the dad who you already celebrated with on 4/20 but who deserves a card anyway for being so. damn. chill.

Shayna Brewer / BuzzFeed
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