51 Pieces Of Barack Obama Fan Art For His 51st Birthday

It’s the President’s birthday today, so let’s celebrate with 51 pieces of fine, fine tribute art.

3. Obama Punches A Zombie

Tina Seamonster / Via artofobama.com

10. Butter Obama

14. “Barack rescues the last unicorn from Abu Ghraib”

Jayson Musson / Via artofobama.com

17. Sketch and Stars Obama

21. “Corporate Ties” Obama

23. “Obama’s Toughest Opponent”

28. Taco Underwear Obama

35. Obama Riding Nyan Cat With A Guy Named Kevin

37. “Lightning Hands” Obama

38. The Obamas Wedding Cake Topper

39. Indian Chief Obama

40. Astronaut Obama

45. Obama Sea Of Hope Poster

46. Tattooed Obama

47. “My First Acrylic Painting” Obama

48. Obama’s Head Floating From Balloons

49. “Radioactive Obama Beast”

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