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32 Enviable Workspaces, Offices, And Studios

Most of us spend eight hours a day or more at our desks, and yet many never take the time to make that space as interesting, beautiful, comfortable, or personal as our living areas. Take these diverse work environments as inspiration for creating a space that fits you perfectly.

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2. Mr. Universe


The gentleman who designed this workspace is coming pretty close to the real-world embodiment of the "Firefly" character who has his pulse on everything being transmitted in the world.

3. Short On Space


A "cloffice" (closet office) can be a surprisingly practical solution for those who need to work from home but don't have the extra space to devote to sprawling out. This one is by Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine.


4. The Power Play

Via Flickr: schodts

Three computer monitors topped with a wall-mounted flat screen. A lamp, a calculator, and a pen mug complete the simple but effective look. This kind of setup allows multi-tasking information addicts to work distraction-free

5. An Artist Poet's Dark Retreat


Writer/artist Austin Kleon keeps two desks: one for "analog" creation of his pieces, and one for his computer and digital manipulation. This space isn't fixed up or fancy-pants, but it looks like Kleon has figured out exactly what he needs to make the most of his space and his time.

6. The Toy Collection

Via Flickr: jhauf

From one geek to another: I salute you, dude. Working at this computer might feel like being surrounded by 100 supportive buddies, even if some of them are on the dark side.

7. Intense Focus


Graphic novelist Adrian Tomine's work is incredibly beautiful, precise, and detail-oriented -- so it's no surprise that the desk where he creates his artwork is clean and clutter-free. Sometimes, functionality trumps fancy design.

8. The Black Backdrop


This home office utilized chalkboard paint, available at any home improvement store. The striking black wall frames the computer with a handy calendar, and is ready and waiting for urgent notation.


9. The Compact Techsplosion


College student Haku has packed this small space with three monitors, high-end audio components, and vinyl toys. He is an illustrator and he finds his three monitor set-up invaluable for working.

10. Stacks Of Books

Via Flickr: jeremylevinedesign

This home office feels both workable and personal, with touches like the towering stacks of books and the black globe in the corner providing just enough to make it "yours" without overwhelming. Lovely.

12. Cheery Sewing Station


This is just the sunniest little sewing station -- if I had organizational skills this cute, I would spend all my time in here making sun dresses and teddy bears.

13. The "Woman Who Has It All"

Via Flickr: missvu

This classy space is professional, feminine, efficient, personal, and organized... basically, the office equivalent of the woman we all wish we could be.


19. I'm OK!


This space is so darn happy! Artist/Illustrator Lisa Congdon shares this beautiful studio space with a friend and the bright colors juxtaposed with white make it feel welcoming and energizing.

23. Simplicity At Its Prettiest

I don't know what it is about the balance of gadgetry and this beautiful rustic table, but this space makes me feel productive just looking at it.


24. A Whimsical Space For Illustration


Children's author and illustrator Anthony Browne's space must put him in just the right quirky and innocent mood to create his magical books for children.

25. The Bedroom

Via Flickr: clockspot

In an ideal world, we'd all have extra rooms to devote to designing adorable offices, but this isn't that world. Flickr user Clockspot has managed to bring his desk to his bedroom without taking away from the homey welcoming vibe of the entire place. It's a difficult feat, but it can be done.

27. Creature Creator


If you do something extra-special, like make monsters, it makes sense for your space to be designed with that thing in mind. Surround yourself with a reminder to do what you love and what makes you special.

32. Just Go With It


Some people are just not born organizers and they never will be. In some cases, it might be best to simply be at peace with the chaotic nest of ideas and information. Author Marina Warner is one of those people, and this is her strangely beautiful, cluttered writing space.

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