32 Enviable Workspaces, Offices, And Studios

    Most of us spend eight hours a day or more at our desks, and yet many never take the time to make that space as interesting, beautiful, comfortable, or personal as our living areas. Take these diverse work environments as inspiration for creating a space that fits you perfectly.

    1. The Pristine Palace

    2. Mr. Universe

    3. Short On Space

    4. The Power Play

    5. An Artist Poet's Dark Retreat

    6. The Toy Collection

    7. Intense Focus

    8. The Black Backdrop

    9. The Compact Techsplosion

    10. Stacks Of Books

    11. The Kid Friendly

    12. Cheery Sewing Station

    13. The "Woman Who Has It All"

    14. The Fold-Up Desk

    15. An Illustrator's Rainbow

    16. Book Lover

    17. The Future Is Now

    18. An Open Window

    19. I'm OK!

    20. A Limited Palette

    21. The Geektastic

    22. Lego Workspace

    23. Simplicity At Its Prettiest

    24. A Whimsical Space For Illustration

    25. The Bedroom

    26. The Print Lover

    27. Creature Creator

    28. The Cubicle

    29. The Thoughtful Crafter

    30. The Man-Cave

    31. The Biggest Desk You Can Find

    32. Just Go With It