25 Reasons Lady Bird Johnson Was The Best First Lady Of All Time

    It would have been the world-changing environmental advocate's 100th birthday today.

    1. For her entire life she was known as "Lady Bird," the beautiful nickname her nanny, Alice Tittle, gave her.

    2. She got that nickname because she was "as pretty as a Lady Bird."

    3. She was a true Texas girl.

    4. Who was generous with her love of animals...

    5. And being in nature.

    6. As a teen, Lady Bird was kind of a tomboy and a total secret style icon.

    7. She graduated with a journalism degree in 1934.

    8. She was beautiful,

    9. dignified,

    10. and loving.

    11. Mrs. Johnson made the most out of her time in the White House.

    12. "I was keenly aware that I had a unique opportunity, a front row seat, on an unfolding story and nobody else was going to see it from quite the vantage point that I saw it." -Lady Bird Johnson

    13. She hung out with cool people.

    14. even as she got older.

    15. Lady Bird Johnson wrote two books.

    16. She was loyal and committed to her marriage even when it was difficult.

    17. “She was, in many ways, the North Star in [LBJ]'s life." -Brian Williams

    18. Lady Bird helped make environmentalism mainstream.

    19. While also helping kids, serving as an honorary chairman of the Head Start program.

    20. She was a loving mom.

    21. She spoke eloquently about the beauty of the earth and why it was important, before that was a mainstream thing to do.

    22. And she did so out of a genuine place of passion and love, not for political reasons.

    23. Lady Bird Johnson simply loved wildflowers, native plants, and being in nature, and committed her life to preserving those things.

    24. On her 70th birthday, she founded the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a 279 acre botanical garden devoted entirely to native plants.

    25. She did everything she could, throughout her life, to honor the beauty of nature and preserve it for generations to come.