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23 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Your Person

Codependency no more, cats!

1. Your human's search history looks like this:

2. This is you when your person leaves for work.

3. And this is you when they come home.

4. While they're gone, you watch their favorite shows.

5. And sleep in places that smell like them.

6. Really, anything that smells like your person is the best thing when they're away.

7. When your person goes out of town, you have to keep in touch via Skype.

8. Though, to be honest, you'd rather they just never ever leave you alone like that again.

9. This is you when your person insists on looking at other cats on the internet.

Or this.

Perhaps you can just let them know you're always watching?

10. You also make sure to, uh, "check" on their computer when they're not around.

11. Whenever your human gets inside that weird box and lets water get on them, you just stand and stare.

That shit is weird.

12. Not to mention totally unnecessary, since you're already bathing them.

13. You like to be next to them whenever they do other things in the bathroom, as well.

You prefer to just look at them whenever they do anything, to be honest.

14. You're not sure why they feel the need to wash your smell off anyway.

15. This is the best place to sleep.

Or like this.

Alternately, this works.

16. Sometimes you don't sleep, you just watch your person sleep.

Nothing weird about that.

17. When it's time for them to wake up, you kindly let them know...Every. Single. Morning.

18. You love to watch your person eat.

19. You'll do anything they ask.


20. You make sure your person knows you've got an eye out for them!


Even when they don't realize you're there.


21. You love them so much that it hurts (them).

22. Your person is your favorite person.

23. Why can't they just pay attention to you all the time?!