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21 Of The Best Pictures Of Paul Ryan's Very Serious Hair

Only one thing is certain in the upcoming months: Paul Ryan will never have a hair out of place. Never ever.

1. America, meet Paul Ryan's hair.

2. It is a very serious hair.

3. It is not messing around.

4. It is shiny.


6. It is parted meticulously.


8. Everything is in its right place.

9. Just making sure.

10. Yep, perfect.

11. Even this tiny dangler seems intentional.

12. This is a man whose hair is never in need of cutting.

13. It's like magic.

14. He must travel with someone.

15. "Just this much off the top."

16. Paul Ryan's hair is what balanced the budget.

17. You could set your clock by it.

18. I mean, really.

19. The hair of a serious man.


21. P.S. We don't talk about the beard.