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    14 Brilliant Works Of Pop Culture Mashup Marker Art

    Your new favorite artist is Morgan Cline, aka "Markerpiece Theater." Holy wow.

    1. "Sally Jesse Raphael"

    2. "You Got It, (the) Dude"

    3. "Simon and Simon and Simon"

    4. "Thicke Life"

    5. "Walter Snow White"

    6. "Sheryl (the) Crow"

    7. "Lil Dorff-phan Annie"

    8. "Mr. Kenny Rogers"

    9. "Christopher Lloyd Banks"

    10. "Boy George Wendt"

    11. "Spuds MacKenzie Phillips: One Bud at a time!"

    12. "R. Kelly Taylor"

    13. "Jon Stewart Little"

    14. "Kristopher Kross"