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17 Pictures You'll Never Understand Unless You're From Kolkata

"Ektu dekhi?"

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1. This public service campaign that's concerned about you AND about puns.

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2. This white lie.

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3. This other white lie.

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4. This common plight.

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5. This art, that only Calcuttans have mastered.

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6. This unique set of rules.

7. These beautiful words.

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8. This primal scream commonly heard around the city.

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9. This hopeful enterprise.

10. These misconceptions.

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11. These stereotypes which are... kinda spot on?!

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12. This universal truth.

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13. This birthright.

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14. This weekend scene.

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15. This daily exchange.

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16. This free piece of advice.

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17. And this eventuality.

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