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    17 Pictures You'll Never Understand Unless You're From Kolkata

    "Ektu dekhi?"

    1. This public service campaign that's concerned about you AND about puns.

    2. This white lie.

    3. This other white lie.

    4. This common plight.

    5. This art, that only Calcuttans have mastered.

    6. This unique set of rules.

    7. These beautiful words.

    8. This primal scream commonly heard around the city.

    9. This hopeful enterprise.

    10. These misconceptions.

    11. These stereotypes which are... kinda spot on?!

    12. This universal truth.

    13. This birthright.

    14. This weekend scene.

    15. This daily exchange.

    16. This free piece of advice.

    17. And this eventuality.