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    22 Reasons Why Pankaj Tripathi Is A National Treasure That Must Be Protected At All Costs

    Happy Birthday to the man who always keeps it real.

    1. In the year 2004, Indian audiences watching the movie Run were introduced to a rather solemn face portraying a character that did not really register in many minds. Little did we know that the man behind this blink-and-you-miss-it role would gradually go on to create an indelible impression in the entertainment industry with his unsurpassed talent, hard work, and humility.

    Pankaj tripathi and vijay raaz in a scene from the movie run

    2. Meet Pankaj Tripathi — well, you know him already and you know him well — performer extraordinaire, personification of wholesomeness, epitome of modesty, and the king of keeping it real.

    A profile of indian actor pankaj tripathi

    3. Tripathi first came into prominence as Sultan Qureshi in 2012's Gangs of Wasseypur. The sheer crudity and cold-bloodedness that he brought to his character was proof of his mettle.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from gangs of wasseypur

    4. Then there was 2013's sleeper hit Fukrey and its 2017 sequel Fukrey Returns in which he played Pandit, the amiable college watchman. This is when we fell in love with his deadpan comic timing.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from fukrey

    5. His portrayal of the endearing and chatty Sadhya ji in the critically acclaimed Masaan collectively warmed our hearts. Here's a clip from the movie that will make you smile and fall a little more in love with the genius that is Tripathi.

    Happy Birthday, #PankajTripathi. What are your favourite roles of his? @TripathiiPankaj @RichaChadha

    Phantom Films

    6. He basically provided a masterclass in acting in 2016's neo-noir Gurgaon as the brutal Kehri Singh, a real estate mogul with a morbid past whose daughter gets kidnapped by her own brother.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from gurgaon

    7. It would be a crime to exclude 2017's Newton, in which he played Assistant Commandant Aatma Singh, from his best performances. He was perfectly cast and even won a special mention at the National Film Awards for his brilliant portrayal.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from newton

    8. One couldn't possibly forget his rather underrated stint as Narottam Mishra, Bitti's (Kriti Sanon) "fun" father in Bareilly Ki Barfi.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from bareilly ki barfi

    9. Or the hilariously "punny" librarian Rudra Bhaiya in 2018's wonderful horror-comedy, Stree.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from stree

    10. As the tranquil, composed yet nightmare-inducing Guruji in Netflix's Sacred Games, Pankaj Tripathi made us wonder why he hasn't been cast in a leading role yet. Despite the presence of big names such as Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Kalki Koechlin, he pretty much stole the show.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from sacred games

    11. Even Hollywood couldn't stop itself from savouring some of this man's talent. Tripathi had a cameo in 2020's Extraction as an imprisoned crime lord named Ovi Mahajan Sr.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from extraction

    12. Easily one of the best on-screen portrayals of a father, he has won (and continues to win) hearts as Anup Saxena in 2020's Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl. The bond that he shares with Jahnvi Kapoor in the movie will make you shed happy tears.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from gunjan saxena

    13. Finally, the Amazon original series Mirzapur is the one that has really cemented his position as a prolific actor. As the sombre yet terrifying mafia boss Akhandanand Tripathi aka "Kaleen Bhaiya", he has gathered innumerable accolades for his performance.

    Pankaj tripathi in a still from mirzapur

    14. When it comes to keeping it real and being a quintessentially nice person, no one does it the way Pankaj Tripathi does. Take this interview with Anupama Chopra as an example — here he doles out one truism after the other.

    Pankaj tripathi in an interview with anupama chopra

    15. Here's another slice of his wisdom.

    Pankaj tripathi in an interview with anupama chopra

    16. And this statement that is reflective of his honesty.

    Pankaj tripathi in an interview with anupama chopra

    17. If you need more evidence of his charm, watch this interview with Rajeev Masand in which he says things that several Bollywood "heavy-weights" absolutely need to take note of.

    Pankaj tripathi in an interview with rajeev masand

    18. It is extremely difficult to find a man as self-aware and humble as Pankaj Tripathi. Here's proof.

    Pankaj tripathi in an interview with rajeev masand

    19. For those who have watched this episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, you might remember Tripathi tearfully sharing anecdotes of his days as a struggling actor and how he once stole Manoj Bajpayee's slippers because he is that big a fanboy.

    Pankaj tripathi tearfully hugs manoj bajpayee on the kapil sharma show

    20. Pankaj Tripathi is that rare simple and sincere human being who really deserves all the love and appreciation that comes his way. His acting prowess is the icing on the cake.

    Pankaj Tripathi and OTT platforms.

    21. The actor embodies good vibes to such an extent that even when he spouts the coarsest of abuses — especially as Kaleen Bhaiya — they feel like music to our ears.

    The way Pankaj Tripathi abuses in Hindi. Apnapan sa lagta hai.

    The fact that his voice and tone is incredibly smooth and measured also helps.

    22. He truly is a national treasure that must be protected at all costs.

    Pankaj Tripathi is a National treasure

    23. We love you, sir!