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28 Things You'll Find In Every Desi Household

Team jhaadu and belan, where you at?

1. A remote that is still covered with plastic and you often have to hit it twice against the table for it to work.

2. A plastic bag that is full of plastic bags.

3. A box full of masalas that looks like this.

4. Glasses that look like this.

5. Thalis that look like this.

6. A cabinet full of crockery that is EXCLUSIVELY for guests.

7. Side pillows that look like this.

8. A toothpaste tube that looks like this.

9. Hundreds of these.

10. And these dabbas.

11. And this weirdly beautiful and handy fixture.

12. These to help you roll those perfectly round rotis.

13. And one of these to hold all of your piping hot rotis.

14. This handy tool for grabbing those hot AF pans.

15. Every desi house has a chair that looks like this.

16. And a calendar that looks something like this and adorns your wall right beneath the tube-light.

17. We're also proud owners of this treasure chest.

18. We love a trusty old tube of this.

19. And a bottle of this elixir.

20. And this to help cure the many aches and pains that our parents have.

21. We also rely heavily on this drug.

22. And this other drug.

23. We basically survive on many, many packets of these.

24. And these packets of rusk biscuits that pair perfectly with our evening chai and filter coffee.

25. Desi families owned jhaadus before Harry Potter made them cool.

26. And we have bathrooms in which this is a regular scene.

I still believe that doing this will fill my bucket faster 😭😭

27. Plus we have these chappals that often double up as weapons that our parents can use.

28. And finally, we're SO used to this deception.