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    A person definitely has the right to choose how they want to live, whether it’s being in a run-down neighborhood or living in an upscale neighborhood. How you choose to live a normal, trouble-free life solely depends on how you were raised by parents and the type of neighborhood you came from in most societies. One-parent households with a limited income can have a tremendous effect on a child’s well-being and how well he or she does in school and throughout his entire life in his or her future. Being raised by one parent, specifically by the mother, tends to be a difficult task when it comes to raising male children because male children are often much more defiant of their mothers and as a result, leads to being highly disrespectful of her, talking back to her, using extreme derogatory language and in the end, can lead to even violence and constant physical abuse. Living in a neighborhood where all you visualize is trash on the side of the streets, abandoned vehicles, lawns that are not manicured, houses or apartment windows are broken out sometimes constitutes, but not the majority of the time, limited income from both parents who are trying to provide a decent lifestyle for their kids but in the process can’t seem to get ahead and are struggling to make ends meet. This, too, can affect a child’s ability to want to succeed and be successful because if they’re always analyzing the struggles and hardships of their parents, they’ll automatically follow into their footsteps which will ultimately advance to a horrible life of crime and continuous troublesome way of living. On the other hand, a child that’s living in a two-parent household whereas both parents are highly successful in their careers, both have attended college and have a substantial income that is equivalent to one another can impact a child’s life for the better and the likelihood of them graduating from high-school and attending some major university and climatically owning their own business and being a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Ones aspirations and dreams are likely to be a reality in situations as this because the support from both parents is usually stupendous and overwhelming. They’re eager to give pep talks to them to keep their hopes and dreams at an elevated level so that they can be as prosperous or even more likely to succeed greater than they have in their lives. Also, when your income within a household is of abundance, ample and plentiful or even coming from a neighborhood of this magnitude, you’ll see a huge difference in the environment as far as beautification is concerned. You’ll see well-kept lawns, expensive vehicles parked in driveways, clean streets that are trash-free and garbage-free, flowers and trees planted and just an overall immaculate neighborhood in general. Pets are like our best friends as well as being like another member of the family, especially for those who do not have children or choose not to have children. When living in an apartment, certain fees apply indefinitely as well as certain policies. With most apartment complexes, your pet has to be a certain size, meaning it can’t be a large dog of a specific breed. If the pet is of a larger size, then it’s likely that your pet fee will be greater than it would be for a much smaller pet. Most apartment complexes also don’t allow pets of the exotic or unusual nature. For example, most complexes don’t allow parakeets for a household pet because they may violate a specific clause of the property’s policies. Another example would be snakes, alligators or any other abnormal reptile that wouldn’t meet regulations or standardize pet sizes that apartments require. So choosing the right kind of pet is vital, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be any harm in asking the Property Manager up-front about what types of pets are allowed on their property. Having roommates can be an absolute challenge and a risk. Like choosing the right type of pet, choosing the right kind of person to invite and share your living expenses is extremely significant. Everyone is different in their own way and no one was born perfect. If you choose to live with a roommate, be highly cautious for the simple fact of not knowing their background and what type of life they lived in the past. Be very skeptical and don’t be afraid to ask exclusive questions before signing the contract. A roommate with a dysfunctional, hideous and abominable background can be a disaster and can cause numerous amount of problems within living arrangements. They can start snooping through very important documents which can result in stealing your identity; their cleaning habits are awful; they won’t or will slack taking on their share and responsibility of paying half of the household expenses and eventually, you can be kicked out and left owing fines and fees you didn’t even know you owe, due to their negligence, in addition and possibly end up homeless for a certain amount of time until you eventually have to find another place to stay. On the contrary, a trustworthy roommate will most definitely be one of good character, taste, responsible and if you’re lucky to find one, one that has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which can be a bad thing or a good thing in most cases. A responsible roommate will keep track of their half of the expenses, make sure things stay neat, clean and tidy and contribute a little more than what you’ve asked for before you both make an agreement. A roommate with a suitable, decorous background is one likely to have a good credit history and is a skeptic to whom they will let be their roommate in the beginning because they want to remain in good standing with all of their creditors and take all kinds of precautionary measures to maintain that good standing; from retrieving constant copies of their credit reports to taking further legal actions if need be, if they’ve found anything negative, misleading or inappropriate on their credit history. Overall, a roommate will ease some financial burden and will enable you to save a little cash, here and there, and maybe, you can buy that extra piece of clothing or “must-have” item you’ve always wanted and desired.

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