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    39 Shittiest & Least-Thought-Out Halloween Costume You Can Manipulate

    These Halloween Costumes are total Spot On.

    1. Put a Halloween mask on your dog

    2. Print a photo of your face on photo paper and place it in a jar with green water to scare your friends on Halloween

    3. How About Royal Baby For Halloween ?

    4. Pokemon themed Halloween

    5. Marionette for Halloween. Now your friends will be afraid to sleep

    6. BLURRED Halloween this year

    7. Probablt the best Halloween costume idea


    9. 50 Shades of Grey

    10. Grayscale Couple

    11. Guy In A Hurricane

    12. something a little Boogier for Halloween

    13. Best Halloween idea from these clever bastards

    14. Brilliant Idea

    15. "Infected" Halloween makeup!

    16. Halloween Make up Idea

    17. baby Halloween costume

    18. Hellboy for Halloween

    19. Confuse other people!

    20. Some Skin missing Halloween Idea

    21. Triple contest winning Halloween costume

    22. Let's grab some attention with this costume

    23. Zipper!

    24. GAAHH!

    25. Best Artistic Work for Halloween

    26. Hand-made Halloween Costume

    27. Halloween nail art

    28. Epic Bleach Halloween Makeup!

    29. Yep yep yep yep uh huh!

    30. Makeup for Halloween

    31. A very cool halloween costume

    32. Something is hanging OUT !

    33. The 'creepy' doll make-up

    34. You can't beat his SPEED

    35. BOOBS (SFW)

    36. Funny & Scary Disguise

    37. Scarecrow

    38. T-shirt exposing intestine

    39. Smartphones can take Halloween to the next level.