26 Reasons Heatwaves Rule

Summer is the BEST!

1. Drinking slurpees until your tongue turns blue

2. Passing out in the A/C

3. Having an epic water gun fight

4. Riding your bike through an open fire hydrant!

5. Eating one of those deli popsicles

6. Falling asleep in the lazy river

7. Using a tarp to make a slip and slide

8. Or a pool in the back of your truck!

9. Your cat’s adorable water consumption

10. Frozen grapes melting in your mouth

11. Wearing a cuteass dress

12. And an adorable braid head

13. Finding the perfect sunglasses!

14. The new pool in your neighborhood

15. August, when the ocean gets real warm

16. Trying crazy ice cream flavors

17. The way your hair looks at the beach

19. Opening these without scissors. Triumph!

20. Sushi with every meal

21. Oyster happy hour!

22. Putting your coffee on ice

24. Making an ice block for your booze

25. Icing errything… All day, erryday

26. Sunshine! No rain!!!

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