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  • 15 Top Costume Designers Guild Awards 2013

    For an awards show that’s all about gorgeous creations, the crowd on the red carpet definitely didn’t disappoint! A celebration for the finest outfitters in Hollywood only calls for one thing: incredible ensembles. And there was no shortage of them on last night’s red carpet! From Anne Hathaway’s glittering Gucci dress to Ginnifer Goodwin’s timeless red gown, check out every single look from the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards.

  • Attractive Red Dresses For A Girl Who’s Interested In Fashion

    Red is typically seen as a very exciting and enthusiastic color. This is not a color for wallflowers. Girls who wear red dresses want to be seen and they want the attention that the color red will immediately give them. Red in all shades screams confidence and strength. Red ranges from the more warm orangish shades all the way to the cooler deep red-blues. Warmer skin tones will find that orangish-reds complement them best while cooler skin tones will want reds in the bluish-red tone range. Red is one of the easiest colors to determine your best shade of. Put various shades of fabric swatches up to your skin or even expermint with various red lipsticks. You will know easily which shade is best for you. Red does not lie when it comes to showing off its best shade on your particular skin tone and hair color.

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