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    An Internet Family Vacation

    Every year, the internet likes to pack its bags and head into the great wilderness to get away from it all. Like any family vacation, it has its ups and its downs. Here are a few highlights from this year's trip.

    Something Awful wasn't too thrilled with the campsite that we picked. They claimed they found a better one first.

    9gag spent most of the time carving their initials into all of the trees.

    Buzzfeed diligently searched for 21 birds that look like celebrities, or Dr. Who characters, or something.

    We sent Wikipedia to get some fresh water, but they couldn't find a source and came back empty-handed.

    4Chan DDoS'd our fire.

    Reddit "found this little guy" and raised over half a million dollars for him.

    Tumblr was very sad to learn that camping was not presented in 3 to10 second animated segments.

    Twitter had a lot to say about the whole experience, but as usual, kept it concise.

    Greetings from Camp Mobile Hotspot!

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