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Top 10 Fattest People

iM WiDD STUPiDD brings you the Top 10 Fattest Most Disgusting People/Pics on the Net!

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  • 1. I'm Too Sexy For My Fat

    A few questions come to mind. One, how the F*ck did he squeeze himself into that box? Two, is he in the process of transforming into a giant Mer-man? Three who the F*ck took this picture?

  • 2. The Tooth Fairy King

    Legend has it that if you leave a tooth under your pillow this dude will come visit you in the night and eat both you and the tooth.

  • 3. 'This is Why I'm Fat'

    Picture two beached whales humping each other on their honeymoon.

  • 4. Another Reason Against War

    He went to Iraq. Got injured. Came back with mental problems. And married a fat alien dude.

  • 5. She Hulk

    She's hulked out but only her hand is green...

  • 6. You're Blocking My Vision

    Now you know this B!tch is sitting on like 5 chairs right? This is Planet aka Gabourey Sidibe twin sister.

  • 7. Pregnant Man

    I've heard of a beer bellys, but damn! He looks like he drank a brewery!

  • 8. Venom's Evil Fat Brother

    We Are Venom!

  • 9. The Effects of Radiation

    It's a shame. These whales used to be human. Who says nuclear radiation isn't dangerous?

  • 10. Chick Magnet?!

    Of course you're a chick magnet. You have your own gravitational pull!