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18 Moments That Proved "Parks And Recreation" Is The Best Comedy On TV.

"Jingle bells, jingle yay, jingle good for you!"

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1. When Leslie marries male penguins and becomes a gay icon.

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Ashley Nash / Via YouTube

"My my my poker face, my my poker face."

2. When Tom and Donna changed our lives with "Treat Yo Self" Day.

"Clothes: TREAT YO SELF!

Fragrances: TREAT YO SELF!

Massages: TREAT YO SELF!


Fine leather goods: TREAT YO SELF!

It’s the best day of the year."

3. When Ann and April forget their differences and rejoice in the true classic that is Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."

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thegreatalaxrises / Via YouTube

Music unites all. #preach

4. Ron's deep love for real meat and nothing less.

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jr7247 / Via YouTube

Carnivore or die!

5. When Andy becomes a Princess for the day.

#bowdown #royal.
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#bowdown #royal.

6. When Leslie gets the flu and goes full on cray.

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7. When Leslie gets matched with Tom on a dating site and this happens...

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Jonathon Maurin / Via YouTube

Tom & Leslie 4evz.

8. Tom Haverford's many business ventures.

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AskMen / Via YouTube

"The word 'bistro' is classy as sh*t."

9. Jerry and his temperamental colon.

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Tom Barnes / Via YouTube

Oh Jerry/Larry/Gary... will you ever learn?

10. When Ron tries to be healthy by eating a banana.

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11. When we were introduced to the amazing Tom Haverford Dictionary...

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Willie Matis / Via YouTube

Mind. Blown.

12. Donna and her revolutionary use of social media.

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#b*tchboss #bossb*tch

13. When Leslie meets Joe Biden.

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Connor Simpson / Via YouTube

Cue manic laughter and inappropriate touching.

14. Lest we not forget what happened when she met First Lady Michelle Obama...

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15. When Tom would rather go to jail than not have his phone for a week...

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sogoodithurtstv / Via YouTube

"Noooo, please send me to jail!"

16. Tom's "Oh No Nos" List.

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Olga Ziegler / Via YouTube

"Girl doesn't even know who Ginuwine is."

17. When we were introduced to the musical stylings of Duke Silver.

Jazz legend, 'nuff said.
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Jazz legend, 'nuff said.

18. And finally when Ron discovers that Europe isn't all that bad!

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We see that dimple Ron, you chirpy ol' so and so!

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