Patrick William
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  • 7 Hacks To Be Fit For Life

    Holidays, New Years Resolutions, bikini season, weddings, and other special occasions leave us bouncing back and forth, striving to be healthy for a temporary amount of time. We reach a goal or the special occasion passes, and we find ourselves right back where we started. Back and forth we go — hence the term yo-yo diet. (Don’t worry, this isn’t another dieting post. I promise.) Why temporary? What if…bear with me now…we avoided the rebound altogether? That would require preventing the burnout that leads to the rebound, as well. Can you see the lightbulb idea above my head, yet?! I present to you — drum roll please — seven hacks on how to be fit for life! These seven hacks will involve a few questions, a little digging, and slowly shift our thinking; which in turn, will change our life to a maintainable healthy lifestyle. So, let’s do this!

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