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    What It's Like At The March For Life

    Every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, about 650,000 pro-lifers from all over America travel to Washington, DC to be a voice for the voiceless.

    1. On your way to the March for Life? No matter by plane, train or car, you'll run into pro-lifers on their way as well.

    2. Wearing so many layers of clothing that you feel like the kid from A Christmas Story.

    3. The overwhelming frustration of not finding hand warmers because your fellow Marchers raided the store before you!

    4. No matter where you go – the Metro, restaurants, hotels – you see someone wearing a pro-life shirt.

    And you feel an instant bond with said person!

    5. Feeling completely frustrated that the mainstream media ignores the 100’s of thousands of Marchers.

    6. The anxiety of picking the perfect Pro-Life sign...

    There are just sooo many good ones!

    7. Losing your March Buddy is really easy in a crowd of 650,000.

    Tip: don't forget to charge your phone and swap numbers!

    8. Being so exhausted post-March that you basically walk like a zombie.

    9. But somehow you make it to The Dubliner to meetup with all your fellow March for Lifers!

    As well know, The Dubliner is the IT spot for pro-lifers after the March for Life. We hope to see you there this year!

    10. Lastly, don't forget to tweet with #ProlifeGen and #WhyWeMarch!

    Tell the world why you participate in the March for Life by using #WhyWeMarch & #prolifegen!

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