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    • Response to 16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is The Greatest City On The Planet:

      This is not the list I would have assembled. How about:
      * Goofy street network, including two parallel streets that meet at a right angle (5th & 6th Aves)
      * Using immense staircases to get from A to B
      * Intersections on staircase streets! Who has that?!
      * Cobblestone streets used by everyone, like Joncaire in Oakland
      * All the museums *other than* the Carnegie set
      * Bike corral parking starting to become common. You don’t need a car here!
      * Three-digit mortgages on a 3BR house that you might actually want to live in.
      * A true four-season climate, including the occasional small tornado, blizzard, and leftover hurricane. And no earthquakes!
      * Art! Hula hooping! Festivals! Flock of Cycles! First Fridays at the Frick! The fountain at the point! The Great Race! Kayaking! You can’t get bored here unless of your own making.