A Modern Day Marty McFly

If you are a fan of the Back To The Future series, then you might be familiar with time travel. Popular YouTube magician/prankster, Stuart Edge, doesn’t need to go 88 mph or a flux capacitor to travel in time. For his latest YouTube video, he went to San Diego Comic Con to prove that he has ability to alter the space-time continuum. Here is a list of things that prove Stuart Edge is the next Marty McFly.

1. The hat, jacket, and shoes

To be a true time traveler, you need to be equipped with a pair of Nike Air Mags.

2. A Message From Your Future Self.

One of the first thing Stuart did, was run down strangers and tell them that he had a message for them from their future selves. He would explain to them that their future selves told him what card they would be thinking of, and that that card was flipped upside down in the deck. It worked everytime! Magic? Or Time Travel?

3. A Pepsi Perfect Experience

In 2015, Marty McFly orders a Pepsi Perfect. Stuart has apparently gotten his hands on one of these, and explains that this futuristic bottle can actually change water INTO Pepsi! Magic? Or time travel? Or both?

4. Charging A Phone With A Banana

In Back To The Future 2, Doc Brown fuels the Delorean by throwing an old banana into the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. According to Stuart, there is a Mr Fusion iPhone charger in the future that can charge a phone by plugging it into a banana.

5. And the reoccurring question…

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

Back To The Future Magic

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